This year has been

Hard to handle



How is yours?

Interview: Sylvain Reynard talks the Gabriel’s Inferno movie – Random Readings

Interview: Sylvain Reynard talks the Gabriel’s Inferno movie – Random Readings
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Thoughts about Xmas

All wishing Happy Holidays, love all around and to your loved ones… makes me think about today:

I don’t have a family, not today it has been destroyed by treason, by disrespect, by stupidity…

Today I don’t have goals, neither have dreams and good wishes. I’m living each day like the last but for me.

All the joy around is upsetting and I feel really empty but most of all I cringed when some give me advice about : “you know, all we need is to change.”

It doesn’t work. I’ve changed so much I miss my old self, my innocence and really felt a lot better.

Can’t fight the ones near me who call themselves family, when there is no communication or forgiveness.

I’ve been trying for years and I have no hope.

My advice to you is be yourself and f* the rest.

All the best.

Dia de Portugal 🇵🇹

Stop for a moment

I had to stop for a moment today

Just to amuse myself

You might laugh… so it’s funny.

Ate 3 yogurts, one after the other

something yesterday would seem odd

make so many sense today

because I felt good.

It felt good.

Never deprive yourself

Choose happiness in little things

She gets more likes than me 😸

From a favorite show…


Brit Marling is an innovative actress, independent filmmaker, and writer. And it all started when she defied being typecast and an ordinary life.
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Spring and allergies, crying like a mad woman. But here.

Trusting bigger sunny days.

Declutter. Exhale all bullshit.



Good luck!


A blog is not just for sharing thoughts. But to talk, communicate about same or different subjects.

We can’t have the same opinion everyday.

So when I ask you how are you or what you’ve been doing, just say it.

It’s been wild!

I need a makeover in my office …

In my mind and in my heart.

Some space, some comfort.

For now on I’ll consider some writers

when they ask me to read their new masterpiece.

Okay, some don’t have to ask 🙂

I need to make some choices too.

So meanwhile, I need to redesign my office

more bookshelves… I will choose books to read.

My need.

See I wrote a lot of need.

Because for once

I’ll be focusing on my self

My Own Moments

It is.

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