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Part 1

The set, the music, the chemistry… the importance and respect in details…

Wow the intro is perfect! The film is very true to the book ❤

A work of Art transported to film.

Julia and Gabriel were really well represented.

It’s romance, it’s love, it’s friendship, forgiveness, redemption and beauty.

Everything really, was like I’ve pictured.

It scared me a bit, it was exactly like that, in my mind…

Thank you Sylvain Reynard and Thank you Passionflix for making these characters come to life!

Part 2

Once again, attention to detail, moments, spaces, the environment, respect for the words, the emotions! The way to get the image, the message to the viewers ✨

My congratulations to the actors, the director and all the staff that left us with a full heart!

Thank you so much #GiulioBerruti #MelanieZanetti #Sylvain Reynard #Tosca Musk and #Passionflix

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