Standing here
I understand I’m in the threshold 
There’s not even a door 
So I can fight to get in! 
Or get out…
Am I sleeping?

Blank or maybe a dark, very dark place
No one’s eyes can see.

I was talented…
I used to get used to the dark,
to the silence, it was welcoming 

Not even a smell I can recognize 
Getting hard to breathe…

But no one’s here.
And the fact is
No one’s knows I’m here.

Let me turn around!
Should I move?
Could I change?

Can you hear me? 
It’s so hard to breathe.

Yeah I was dreaming! 
Now awakened.
But yet… no one’s here.
Not even a door.


One of those moments…

My car belongings got stolen today, no more radio for me so I’m not in the mood of reading or listening to books.

I’m going to have a break from everything because my anxiety and heart are a bit disconnected.

I’m sad that I just lost years and years of memories I had in the car, I’m just very sad.

Hope I come back in a better mood.

Last year that same car was involved in an accident when it was parked.

Not sure what to think today…


Spring and allergies, crying like a mad woman. But here.

Trusting bigger sunny days.

Declutter. Exhale all bullshit.



Good luck!

It’s been wild!

I need a makeover in my office …

In my mind and in my heart.

Some space, some comfort.

For now on I’ll consider some writers

when they ask me to read their new masterpiece.

Okay, some don’t have to ask 🙂

I need to make some choices too.

So meanwhile, I need to redesign my office

more bookshelves… I will choose books to read.

My need.

See I wrote a lot of need.

Because for once

I’ll be focusing on my self

My Own Moments

It is.

I’m reading so

At some appointment 

It’s hard to say the words 

when you feel down 

when something or someone 

happens in the same path as you
For me it’s somewhat private

somewhat reserved

The words don’t come out

until it’s safe and silent




a word
a letter

A message
a longing

A search
a view

A feeling
a way

A promise
a hope

will stay

By Monica Igreja

Be strong little one


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