Review: Beautiful Sacrifice

Beautiful Sacrifice
Beautiful Sacrifice by Jamie McGuire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taylor, I didn’t think you were that wise…at such, young, age…
How old are you?

Yeah, it’s me talking to a character in a book… crazy huh?

I mean, I don’t know who had the worst time of their lives.
I felt sorry for Travis, for Thomas, now Taylor?

Now I think Trent was lucky 🙂

Jim Maddox raise them good!
I think Diane is smiling up above.

But you girl, (the name Falyn on loop all the time), you did it all wrong!
You don’t know how to handle a Maddox!
Who’s sacrifice you say?
You left comfort for another kind of comfort.
Getting away… So selfish.

I couldn’t be apart, my heart, my blood, my life.
That was your sacrifice? Build a memory when you could have it real and close to you?

Be careful, when you play with other people’s feelings. You’ll get burned! 🙂
You almost broke a Maddox. I don’t know how much time he would hold on.

Again, Love is forever. He knew.

And you are the one Falyn, give him a chance, give yourself a chance!

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Review: Beautiful Redemption

Beautiful Redemption
Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I love Thomas Maddox!
Who knew! 🙂

Two, who were much alike, meet for one of the best night of their lives,
they let themselves go and wake up to chaos. Yeah… that happens! Lucky ones!

Both married to their jobs, one thing stands out, Love.
One, who’s afraid of love and another, who wants to forget it.

“If a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever. But what if he didn’t love you, first?”

How can forever be forgotten?

This antagonist relationship at work, melts down with the help of the perfect amount
of sexual tension between them, that first night, that attraction… Awww…Yes!
Keeps playing in their minds.

Both have strong personalities, both fight, one for the heartbreak to leave him
and the other for the freedom without it.

We fell into the FBI’s world, work seems to have an understanding,
once they work together, to save Travis. Deal!
Yeah, little brother is in trouble.

Again Love, above all, Family, above all.

The suspense was real, so was danger. At this point I was afraid, the angst was real…

Near the end, it felt a little bit rushed. I will miss this couple,
I wish we had time to know them after.

That particular fire, hell, changed so many lives.

I liked how the Author connected the stories, even though I think brothers can or can’t have the same appeal to women. Trent and Thomas met the girls the same way… runs in their blood 🙂

Beautiful Redemption follows the story to the last time we saw Travis Maddox.
Make sure you read in the order.

Off to meet one of the twins 😉

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