Reviewing :: On a Cold Winter’s Night by Kim Loraine ::

Such Violent Delights: A Holiday Paranormal Romance AnthologySuch Violent Delights: A Holiday Paranormal Romance Anthology by S.L. Jennings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I’m reviewing :: On a Cold Winter’s Night by Kim Loraine ::

It’s a short story and like all in the Anthology are not complete.

If you want to find out what happens and I know you will, you’ll wait for Gabriel’s choice to come out in a full length book.

This is a paranormal romance at first sight.
Gabriel saves the girl from and horrible faith and little does she knows, well she knows nothing … but at least she’s not alone with

A curse.

It envolves witches, hot and sexy angels not to mention what Hell is after.

Lust at first sight is better than love at first sight for me it’s more real even if it’s fictional, which granted me to enjoy this Christmas cold winters tale.

It was a sexy short read that keeps you wanting.

I recommend it and hope you enjoy it.

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Rescuing His Virgin by Kim Loraine

Rescuing His VirginRescuing His Virgin by Kim Loraine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If that happens in a wedding
I’m going to invite myself to a bunch
And there’s better be firefighters
Everyone needs to be saved by one

Another sexy short read
Great for a summer break

I’m very curious about the next!

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The Virgin’s Fake Fiancé by Kim Loraine

Releasing one novella every Thursday!

ALL STAND ALONE and all of them are steamy/sweet and guaranteed to give the short escape you need every once in a while.

The Virgin’s Fake Fiance

I’m a British lord, not a knight in shining armor, but as soon as I saw Charity, I knew she was my damsel in distress.

Stranded in the city, with nothing but the clothes on her back, this innocent virgin needs help in more ways than one.

Her sweetness enchants me, but her body tempts me. When I find out she’s got a reunion and life hasn’t put her where she wants to be, I make an offer she can’t refuse.

I’ll accompany her to the party if she’ll pretend to be my fiancée for my brother’s wedding.

I didn’t plan on actually falling for my fake fiancée but now that I have her, I can’t let her go.

#LordHarper #Fakefiance #virginsseries

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Remnants by Kim Loraine

Remnants (A Golden Beach Novel)Remnants by Kim Loraine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Golden Beach goodbyes

End of series with the best conclusion we can hope for. Separated for 15 years reminds me of my own 15 years apart. Years at college, last high school years, first loves, first heartbreaks.

Seeing those after all these years can leave you questioning again your feelings.
People move on and are not the same…

The author made it hard although this couple needed it.

This Golden Beach Series of books is complete. Haven’t read them all but the last two encouraged me to try and meet all the other characters.

Enjoyable read.

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My Review – Cursed Heart by Kim Loraine

Cursed Heart (The Siren Coven #2)Cursed Heart by Kim Loraine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Don’t you love a good curse?
And if you are a witch cursed to die at 27 and do it all over again.

For thousand years, some say it would be a lesson, for her… living many lives left her hollow.

Something happens and Helena and her Siren Coven sisters dive in to the end of their reincarnation.

Helena takes a fierce challenge to protect her sisters.

Tamiel, one of the fallen angels, cursed to live as a vampire, spends again, thousand years, searching for his soulmate.

One day he finds her at 27 but has no time and she dies right in front of him. He waited and waited to find her again. Damn if he isn’t going to get her this time.

But that feared and fierce Helena was up to his challenge?

Oh the Sex scenes were great until they were interrupted. I could hold a curse as well.

A good ride I might say, a great story to follow! Waiting impatiently for the audiobook!

Fallen angels for the win!

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Cursed Heart is Live!


#TheSirenCoven #SwoonworthyHero #CursedHeart #ParanormalRomance

A fallen angel.

A witch doomed to die.

A love written in the stars.

Cursed Heart is live on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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His Whiskey Sour

His Whiskey Sour by Kim Loraine is Live!



His Whiskey Sour (The Cocktail Girls)His Whiskey Sour by Kim Loraine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Easton is definitely an artist. For a musician, feeling blocked is hard. Trying new songs with a little help from Ireland… Not the country no,

but this witty, sassy girl.

Easton wasn’t that kind of celebrity, showing off like those who kept Ireland running away from.

She didn’t recognize him at first and that was all Easton needed. Their passion kept me turning the pages and I did want more.

This was a quick very enjoyable novella and I now need to read the other Cocktail Girls stories!

The author gifted me a copy for review.

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Get ready to fall in love with
your new favorite rock star.
His Whiskey Sour is live
on Amazon and only $0.99
or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.
Get your copy now!


The audiobook will be performed by
Zachary Webber & Kylie C. Stewart
Hope to have a listen soon