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“Passion,betrayal, lust, forgiveness–Accidental Tryst has it all! And did I mentionit’s hot, hot, hot? A terrific read I couldn’t put down, I highly recommendthis book. And you might want to make sure your romantic significant other isclose by when you finish this steamy hot read…another winner from the pen of MiaLondon!” – CindyDees, NYTand USA Today bestselling author

So much for the American Dream. After twenty years of marriage, successful careers, and two teenage boys, Angie and Mac’s relationship dissolves into disappointment and resentment.

Overworked and underappreciated, the toll of their problems fizzles their dream of happily ever after.

Smacked in the face with failure, Steve “Mac” MacKey refuses to give up so easily, and strategizes how to win back his wife. So a plan to confront her by leveraging the boys backfires on him. In the most wonderfully unexpected way.

Angie’s misery in marriage is topped only by her misery without Mac. When she confronts Mac in his office, she learns just how fine that line is between lust and anger. And when she thought her husband couldn’t care any less about her, he sparked a new fire inside her she didn’t know existed . . . that felt so damn good.

Sex may not solve everything, and it’s a far cry from making any real changes, or fixing her emotional rollercoaster.

Can they last that ride long enough to save their marriage, or are their rifts and broken promises too deep to cross?

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