Review: Stinger

Stinger by Mia Sheridan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Why do you call me buttercup?”

2nd book by Mia Sheridan that I’ve read.

I wasn’t expecting this kind of story so I was fascinated by the way that line kept me reading/listening, trying to understand how a relationship like this could work. The questions in my mind, the what ifs…

What happens after that weekend?

Your mind at that moment is the key, you twist and turn in that direction, without even knowing it, is it the right way?

You feel it in your gut, no way to erase it, no way to forget.

Kept my mind on Carson, because he was the one changing in the most beautiful way. Grace changed because of him, but Carson changed only because he met Grace. Oh boy!

Don’t know if I can ever explain, it’s what life is…how do we explain life?

We change to become better,we dream.

Faith or not involved, with some hot steamy scenes along the way.

This is a “Sign of Love” book and it is a part of that series.

We can read it as a standalone.

Each story ties in beautifully with the sign of the zodiac selected through its characters, the plots, and the symbolism are used through out.

I’m a Scorpio so I chose this one to read first.

Took me by surprise in the best of ways!

What should I read next?

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Review: Archer’s Voice

Archer's Voice
Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn’t have any trouble connecting to everything about this story!
Almost finished it through the night! Sure loving the characters that much!

But I wanted to stop reading that fast, I needed it, so I could enjoy it longer!

This was beautiful, loved the pacing in the story eventually progressing, with no rush.

For some of you it could be annoying but I loved all the people in it, anticipating every step!

There’s was no place for angst, I didn’t feel it! Although the issues involving their past, but past that, just feelings erupting as they should, problems would be solved one way or another, with respect for every emotion and understanding.

Learning how to feel life, it’s an wonderful quest.

After some kind of trauma, everyone should find a way to love life again.
Make friends, try new things, connect to simple things, what makes you happy! With no fear, looking to the future. We have so much to enjoy!

One of my favorite stories!


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