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Something I’m trying to do

What were the odds

What were the odds

we both liked the attention

What were the odds

we both liked same things

What were the odds

we knew so much about us

yet so little


What were the odds

I would risk to answer for you

so comfortable, so easy

What were the odds

you thought I knew too much

What were the odds

You would fear me

and at the same time

want me

What were the odds


by Monica Sofia





I caught a dream

Don’t really care if it’s a good one or not

It’s amazing what we can do in our sleep

Imagine what we can do when we are awake


Anything I do

I’m not rushing any review, I might not write one.

If it’s a good book, writing, story, I want it to last.

I read to savour it, to remember.


Love, live and laugh all the time!


Just Smile

Just Smile