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Musings: An Argyle Empire Anthology

Seven friends inspired to raise awareness and funds for homeless youth in crisis.
Seven authors with a love for storytelling.
Nine original stories with themes every reader will love.
Comedy. Romance. Suspense. Fantasy. Drama. Prose.
Individual reflections combined into an eclectic collection.
All proceeds to benefit the Philadelphia chapter of Covenant House,
in loving memory of Terry Aisenstein.

Foreword by Sylvain Reynard.

Musings Included:

Kris Babe : Walking After Midnight
Shari Ivey : Stranger in a Stranger Land
Jennifer Locklear: Aurora
Morgan Locklear: House Rules
Tara Severance : Slash Pine
Susan K. Swords : Better Than Yes
Susan K. Swords : Everyone Deserves an HEA
Becca Vry : Hopescapes
Morgan Locklear & Susan K. Swords: STUD







“Musings: An Anthology” will be released on June 20!

Readers will enjoy nine stories by different authors that offer a variety of genres.


Speaking of

Morgan & Jennifer Locklear

Morgan and Jennifer Locklear met in 1989 as teenagers and became high school sweethearts. They have been married since 1995 and live in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with their two children, a son and daughter.

Although both enjoyed creative writing in their youth, they have only been working as a writing team since 2010. Since then they have created a dozen full-length and short stories together.


I’ll get back to you later, sharing some of their work.


Now, they were live doing their first live podcast on
Mixlr  -  a free and easy app to use:
Here is the schedule for the next podcast:
Locklear Library’s Mixlr event “Locklear Library Live from Seattle”, Sat Jun 3 at 12:00pm – 1:00pm (PDT)



You Want it Darker


I’ll keep dancing on my own

An evening of past memories
sweet glances of moonlight
such enticement of a thing
turns me although trembling
into a soften breeze

While fences breaks my skin
wind sounds will caress me
drying tears of my sleep
lingering and whispering
hidden in the shadows

Such a stillness in words
as abstract as I paint
hanging by a thin thread
drifting until I see
stars spotlighting on me

Until the music sets fire
and drafts wander free
your true essence shown
I’ll keep dancing on my own





Last time I thought

I was loving you



Now I don’t think

that’s true

I have to admit

I was wrong


I’m over you


You are just

a moment

a lost memory


I’m stepping aside

for others

to fill my void


It’s funny

I never thought

this could be


I don’t

need you now


I never had


You never did


I’m free

but I’m cold

I’m strong and braver

than I’ll ever be


but I’m cold


By Monica Sofia





Portuguese Actress with cancer, a lesson…


I feel ya!

Ready to another review!

I was anticipating this read ever since I read Thoughtless years ago.

Listening to Kellan felt like home, I was waiting for this for so long!

But I was waiting for more, I wanted to get deeper in his thoughts, I wanted it to be hard but strong!

Sensitive guy, rocker we all loved, but felt the same, didn’t add much more emotions than Thoughtless…

I wanted to know Kellan alone. Not just with Kiera, just him.

But it felt he didn’t exist without Kiera and friends. I can’t believe how insecure he was and so afraid to be alone!

The fight with Denny, ok… I almost got through it without even knowing it! And many times I felt unattached to Kiera. Like the scene in the rain so much powerful in Thoughtless, here I was struggling for the connection.

I don’t know … maybe I was asking too much.

Still is one of my favorite stories, it will stay with me forever. But Thoughtless wins!

…Hard to say goodbye, hard to live in a lie…


Review: Thoughtful

Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very emotional, hard to do a review for now

I think I need a minute





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Solace ( Out Standing ) – Audiomachine

Solace ( Out Standing ) – Audiomachine

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