All we got left

All we got left it’s to forgive to move on.

The slap we got when we were 3 or 4 years old,
not sure what just happened,
for our parents to yell at us and hurt us.

We learn to forgive or at least forget,
so we can live another day smiling.

We wake up to the same parents who hold us
when we are sick, when we are sad.

We learn to say yes and say sorry,
we’re taught to understand what’s right and wrong.

Confused that outside the right and wrong are different.
We believe our home is safe.

When we get old, our home is where we are.
All we got left it’s to forgive to survive.

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Afraid to understand 

what’s like to feel happiness, 

because I know, 

I’ll never be brave again.
To be happy, 

 you have to know 

what feels like being miserable. 

This feeling we don’t want back.

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