Ready to another review!

I was anticipating this read ever since I read Thoughtless years ago.

Listening to Kellan felt like home, I was waiting for this for so long!

But I was waiting for more, I wanted to get deeper in his thoughts, I wanted it to be hard but strong!

Sensitive guy, rocker we all loved, but felt the same, didn’t add much more emotions than Thoughtless…

I wanted to know Kellan alone. Not just with Kiera, just him.

But it felt he didn’t exist without Kiera and friends. I can’t believe how insecure he was and so afraid to be alone!

The fight with Denny, ok… I almost got through it without even knowing it! And many times I felt unattached to Kiera. Like the scene in the rain so much powerful in Thoughtless, here I was struggling for the connection.

I don’t know … maybe I was asking too much.

Still is one of my favorite stories, it will stay with me forever. But Thoughtless wins!

…Hard to say goodbye, hard to live in a lie…


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