What’s your time?

I’m more creative at night

I gather all thoughts

They seem comfortable

happy to connect.

They let me

drink because I am thirsty

They let me

dive right in.


I can play with words

dreams and emotions

So I put on my magic …

My pjs


Goodnight 😘


It’s been wild!

I need a makeover in my office …

In my mind and in my heart.

Some space, some comfort.

For now on I’ll consider some writers

when they ask me to read their new masterpiece.

Okay, some don’t have to ask 🙂

I need to make some choices too.

So meanwhile, I need to redesign my office

more bookshelves… I will choose books to read.

My need.

See I wrote a lot of need.

Because for once

I’ll be focusing on my self

My Own Moments

It is.

I’m reading so

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