Review: Kinky Carnival Games: Maybe Mandy 1

Kinky Carnival Games: Maybe Mandy 1
Kinky Carnival Games: Maybe Mandy 1 by C.C. Genovese

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first C. C. Genovese story and I must say I’ll never think of a Carnival the same way. Ha ha.
Sweet little story, written with a very sexy female voice, a funny and intelligent character.

This short novella is a great fast read for the Summer, vacations…
Oh well, in Winter it will be fun too!

Don’t read it in a room full of people, they may find/caught you … Dreaming🙂 and by dreaming I mean… Well, read the book!

The story is about one of Mandy’s very erotic, steamy and first sexual encounter after a five, six months dry… whatever you wanna call it😉

Reading it, it was like a 3 set part of a wet dream🙂 Those that we can’t shake off. It definitely shows us who we are and what we really want. I definitely was rooting for Mandy.

Not a very good start of a typical day in life, when we’re a little scare, afraid to talk even and picture all those sexy thoughts and images we live through our roommate’s sex life, cause we haven’t any!🙂

Mandy you got to do something!

Thanks to her friend, she accepts going out on a blind date with her friend’s boyfriend friend.
Oh Boy!

A Carnival of fantasies.
A very hot sexual encounter with a stranger, who became essential to Mandy’s look in her life from now on, much more positive where’s sex is concerned.
She’s free to do whatever she wants, she’s bold, an adventurer! Yay!

Enjoyable read, refreshing, entertaining, it was a lot of fun!
It was really easy to follow, loved the characters, you don’t want to stop reading.

#Gimme 2nd book now!
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