Review: Consequences

Consequences by Aleatha Romig
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can’t think right now
… I need revenge…


This was an audible version and for the first time, I had some trouble liking the narrator’s voice… and knowing I’m going to listen to her forever in the next books… well I did try hard to put that behind and enjoy the audio book I’d just bought.

I heard so many things about this book it was hard to begin! But let’s jump to it:

Never, listen to me! NEVER sign your name in anything like a blank paper or napkins, as innocent as it can be, this signature can change your life forever. You know better… Never leave sight of your drink either, never accept drinks from beautiful and sweet strangers, what are you thinking, that will never happen to you?

And then several days later you wake up, you’re lost, no memory at all and locked up in a room all bruised and abused by that fine stranger.

Anthony Rawlings is no hero, not a good man! Creeps me out! I’m not used to this kind of male character, couldn’t find his heart! Domineering, controlling freak!

Claire has an agreement with Anthony signed in an napkin. Duh! She believes it? Oh Claire… He says he will pay all her debts and in return she will work for him in any and many ways he wants.

This situation takes place at Tony’s mansion and all of this is part of a very meticulous premeditated plan, that we get familiarized near the end of this BIG book!

There’s a kidnap, a rape and a prison, she’s verbal, physical, sexual and emotionally abused. How can this woman think she can see this man soul and change it?

Claire is admired for her strength and resilience. She plays his game frightened about the “Consequences”. But there’s no room for failure and some “glitches” cause this consequences… or he just will do whatever the f* he wants, wakes up to punish her or break her…

Is there enough room to compartmentalize… does Claire have it in her head and heart? She needs to, she’s needs to survive… How do you do that? So many things you could do Claire?! You had the opportunity…

Sometimes he would be sweet and gentle, you think he begins to like her and you believe things are getting better, some requests are accepted and some rules forgotten, next time, no! Next second, without even blinking, could be something in the air, you dread it as this roller coaster plays out.

So many chapters with details that I didn’t want to listen or care to know especially those from Nathaniel, needed to forget… That bored me… I tried to compartmentalize like Claire 🙂 but as the story progressed I was more attentive to the details. I was scared for Claire’s sake! What was she doing? Did he saw her? He knows everything!

At about 40% or 50% of the book something happens, an ” accident” so tragic, horrible… It did upset me, just thinking about it, makes my stomach… Could I continue? Never had to put down a book, I’m not going to do that now either, but did thought about a little time out… Needed a happy place!

Loyalty, Appearances, Rules, wearing so many Masks, so much going on! Aghhh! No romance or sexiness happened in the book…

Hated all his actions, his shadow, his staff, how could he? How could they? Hated those black eyes so much! So vindictive! But why did I hoped for redemption? Seriously!

I’m glad I’m strong and resilient, so much better than Claire! I continued listening so I wouldn’t miss out THAT ending! Never saw this coming!

Nice played Aleatha Romig! I was caught! I’m very curious about Truth! Can he do this to another woman? Is this all about power , money, looks and revenge?

This could be a movie, It felt like it, revealing only some details as you go along trying to figure it out or not!

Definitely not a love story! But it’s a good story, give it a try!




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