Review: Mile High

Mile High
Mile High by R.K. Lilley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This audio book starts a little slow for my impatient listening but I enjoyed and laughed about some of the supporting character’s stories.

Bianca isn’t sure about Mr Beautiful. How’s that? She doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t believe how important she is to him…
She never felt important before, only to Stephan, her foster brother they say, but that’s a different feeling…

Poor James he never gives up, convincing Bianca just how serious he’s about her. Love every action, every move, every word that came from his sweet mouth. Oh James I’m right here! 🙂

They get back together after a month apart, this led to a crazier Mr. Dominant, how could not she miss him like he did?! Is this a game for her? A little punishment won’t hurt! Bianca’s past keeps affecting her and the way she reacts to Mr. Controlling.

(Loved only yes only that one hot scene with the horses, go read the book and then you’ll know!*)

And Mr. Distant has some cool toys in his playroom!

Their relationship grows just a little, only to be destroyed again, some issues from their past, most of them from James and his Subs and …just stop there! This ladies or what should I call them… got into my nerves!

I almost forgot, I like what Stephan means to them, he helps between confusion and frustration, he’s just peaceful and understanding, get’s them straight and calms them down.

By now, thank God! Bianca thinks she loves him, but always keeps those feelings to herself… Is it need, lust? The way she thinks about it well… torturous… why she’s like that with James, who’s the submissive and who’s the Dom now?

Don’t get the rush of the piercing, when she’s just perfect all the time for him… What comes after perfection?

Then another problem emerges, are they strong enough?

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