Review: Tangled

Tangled by Emma Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The funniest thing!

Getting into the head of this sexy hot guy, was awesome, great timing for me to pick this one and had so much fun!

He’s not just sexy, but really funny, made me laugh so hard throughout this audio book  and Sebastian York’s voice,

ladies if you have  been listening to him before you know what I mean! Damn!

It feels like you’re right there with Drew Evans, the way he thinks and feels and he’s teaching us something like the arrogant bastard he is!

Some say, even him says, he’s a jerk, at least he’s honest about it!

He fells hard and madly in love with no other woman than Katherine Brooks, an independent, confident, hard working, very professional, classy woman, a complete match but also engaged to another guy!

He tries so hard to seduce her, but she’s not buying it, this self-center full of …. of a guy, she’s the only one who can break him! The one to bring him down! Ah gotta love Kat, he thinks he’s got this but it’s her! She just allows him to seduce her, that’s a different kind of story Drew, she’s so much more!

So how does Drew handles this twist of events? Drew gets the <i>flu!</i> 🙂

I smiled and smiled, quotes from Braveheart and talks about  frogs lol

And if you want to know more about Drew at the moment, you can go to his website here From the Desk of Drew Evans 🙂

This book was smartly written and very entertaining! Great romantic funny quick read!

Can’t recommend this enough!

Twisted is next!




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